#1 He/she’s not a woman/man because penis = man, and vagina = woman.
#2 His/her chromosomes are XY/XX so he/she is not a woman/man.
#3 Being transgender is either a mental illness or a cry for attention.
#4 Having “Gender Dysphoria” is equivalent to having “Species Dysphoria”.
#5 Transgender people should only use the bathroom of their birth sex.
#6 – Animals aren’t transgender, so it’s unnatural.
#7 – You’re just a man/woman in drag who only likes to get off wearing womens/mens clothing.
#8 You are transsexual, so that means you are gay/lesbian.
#9 Statements that are not so good to bring up to trans* individuals!
#10 What about the children? They will be all messed up in the head with a trans* parent.
#11 Trans people have the same rights as everyone else.
#12 – Transgender individuals are lying about being the gender they say they are, and it’s a sin to agree with this delusion.
#13 The self-mutilation trans* people put themselves through = mentally ill person.
#14 – You are a man who’s attracted to a trans woman, therefore you are gay.
#15 – You aren’t biologically a woman/man, because you were born a man/woman.
#16 – Men and women are opposites.





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  1. CB says:

    This is great, keep it up!!!


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