Argument #2: His/her chromosomes are XY/XX so he/she is not a woman/man.

Just as common as argument #1, this is another popular one said by transphobic people to try to delegitimise an individual’s transgender experience and before I continue, I just want to let you know that your chromosomes are showing… you should put them away, how rude of you! I’m calling the cops for indecent exposure, showing me your chromosomes like that. Shame on you!

As you can see this is just another pointless statement made by those who are trying to tell someone they are wrong for being who they are. Just like the first argument I made, this has nothing to do with a person’s MENTAL GENDER. You are also ignoring yet a whole bunch of different groups of other birth defects, and trying to say that those defects are more legitimate and acceptable than the birth defect of having a brain that isn’t the same gender than your body (see argument #1)… let me reiterate here:

Klinefelter’s syndrome, Turner syndrome, XX gonadal dysgenesis, XX male syndrome, XXYY syndrome, XYY syndrome, 47,XXX, 48, XXXX, 49 XXXXY syndrome, 49, XXXXX.

These are all the ones I could find on Wikipedia. There are a good handful as you can see, and it’s all part of the human condition. In most the cases as well it is acceptable to say, for example, that a man with XX male syndrome or Klinefelter’s syndrome (XXY) is still a man. As you can see, you would kind of come off as a disrespecting ass if you tried to insist that he was a she, “You have the chromosomes of a woman so you aren’t a man!” So why say the same thing against trans* folk? The fact that they have the chromosomes of the gender that doesn’t match their brains has everything to do with the fact they have Gender Dysphoria!

I also hear the rebuttal, “It’s rare for someone to have one of those disorders, so it’s acceptable for them to be who they are.” and it makes me wonder if they really understand that it’s rare to be transgender as well! It’s something like .3% of the population, though we don’t really know for sure due to the people that aren’t open about it. Yes, it is more common then the list above combined, but really what does rarity have to do with anything? Nothing. Just that there is more of us to ban together and start pushing for our rights!

The verdict? Again, and I am repeating myself, PHYSICAL GENDER doesn’t have anything to do with MENTAL GENDER. They are two different things, and this needs to be accepted and taught in schools so we don’t have children that grow up to be understanding of the human condition we are all born into.

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5 Responses to Argument #2: His/her chromosomes are XY/XX so he/she is not a woman/man.

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  3. Angelica says:

    I think individual genes on the Y chromosome can sometimes fail and that leaves the ones on the X chromosome dominant. I also think that endocrine disruptors like pesticides and contraceptives in a pregnant woman’s diet can affect gender identity of her child. In any case, reseach shows that neurological structures of the opposite sex are prevalent in those who identify as transgender.


  4. Jon says:

    except that I’m a guy and I’d like to mentally be a lesbian –because girl on girl is hot. So mentally I must be a dude in a woman’s body? You can mentally think whatever you are –but physically I’d punch someone in the face if I were ever lied to and found out I slept with someone with an XY with a vagina!!!


    • Honestly I’d say mentally you were a sociopath for allowing your transphobia fuel your emotional anger enough to push you to abuse a woman… are you that uncomfortable in your own sexuality that when slightly challenged you get so emotional about it you have to lash out? Though I don’t agree in this scenario the woman having to be hush about her trans status, it’s this anger and abuse (physical and verbal/emotional) that does happen even if we came out well before any bases, that pushes the need for secrecy.

      But to answer your question, no. You desiring to be a lesbian is not equivalent to being born with the physical brain structures of one gender with a body’s gender that is mismatched; i.e. Gender Dysphoria. “Thinking” you are something, and having physical properties of that something are not equivalent.

      If it weren’t so demeaning to the women I’d love to put you in a room with a mix of trans and cis women and ask you to point out which ones have which chromosomes. With gynecologists being convinced otherwise with modern surgery you are losing this bet. Trans women belong into the social classification of beings called “women”. Hormones act bio-identical to the body in most ways. Chromosomes have ZERO influence on the development of sexual characteristics outside the womb, it’s all hormones baby.


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