Argument #3: Being transgender is either a mental illness or a cry for attention.

This argument itself is a cry for attention! Don’t get me wrong, there are individuals out there that say they are transgender just for the attention… and you can spot these people right off the bat if they say something like “I love being trans*!” (not a single person with Gender Dysphoria would even wish such a thing on their worst of enemies). The best way to deal with an individual like this is to turn right around, and walk away! I’ve even seen some people obliviously say some of the most ignorant statements, just to try to get SOMEONE to talk to them, albeit the responder is not really talking back, more of a yelling back, so I really don’t understand it personally. This situation should just be handled like the adult I know you are deep inside, and just politely show them the errs of their ways, and/or just get the funk outta Dodge!!! Don’t entertain them by getting just as angry, I mean, unless you really want to… but that’s your call, not mine! I guess if you don’t expect to gain any mental prosperity from that conversing, and just want to let of some steam you can engage… but remember you are the one falling for it, like a fly in a spiderweb.

Keep in mind in all this, that any respectable person should be open to discussion if they are trying to make a point of some sort. If engaged, both parties should remain civil… even if the other doesn’t want to accept the truths you present them. If they refuse to respect your side of things even with all the proof in the world, this just shows their willful ignorance and that they themselves are crying for attention. Now, if done correctly, both parties should walk away from said discussion with new understandings, and with any hope, as better people than as they began. THIS IS THE POINT OF INTELLIGENT DISCOURSE!

Now then, anyone who calls being transgender a mental illness probably has a mental illness themselves… or they are just willfully ignorant and disrespectful a*holes. Again, just like anyone else seeking attention, ignore these people and don’t let them get to you. Show you are the BETTER PERSON by backing off, as much as they try to piss you off by saying such things!

If you are keeping up on what I have been saying thus far, Gender Dysphoria, although in the DSM-V, is in no way a mental disorder as much as being gay used to be. The AMA and APA are just realizing this, and people are fighting for it’s removal from the DSM. Most the people I ran into trying to call it this is just trying to say it is because they think that the person involved can’t be the gender they are saying they are, and that they are mental for saying so in the first place. They think that this person is making it up, and isn’t who they say they are. Don’t you just love how people try to tell you what you’ve experienced your whole life? Transgenderism has been happening since the beginning of the human condition, and it hasn’t been till just recently that these individuals used to be held with the greatest of respect for who they are!

The verdict? I like to put it like this, saying that I have a mental illness is like saying that being a woman is a mental disorder, or having club foot is a mental illness. Neither of those are acceptable and saying so is just a cry for attention in and of itself… and speaking of that, if this is what’s going on and the said person wants attention that badly, trans* or not, then you should handle the situation civilly like an adult. This is 2014, we are at the peak of human mental evolution and there is no need for hostile loathing… if you fall into this group of haters, then GROW UP!!!

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