Opinion: Respect is earned, not guaranteed.

Okay so this is a quickie I just wanted to throw out there and get it out of the way. This is also something that should be quite apparent in the human condition, and I shouldn’t really need to explain this unspoken truth in great detail, but seeing that I talk about giving people the respect they deserve, I wanted to bring this up.

RESPECT IS EARNED, NOT GUARANTEED. When you meet someone for the first time, it is civil to give them a base level of respect… to accept them for who they are despite age, gender, or race. If you don’t you are childish, sexist, or racist respectively. We rest on the peak of our mental human evolution, and with things like the internet and mobile phones the world is the most connected that it’s ever been!

Don’t get me wrong… it is in no way ever possible for everyone to get along with everyone else. There will be people out there that you can’t get along with, or that personalities mismatch so much to the point where there is a dislike between them. This is all still part of being human. Now the thing is, it shows the maturity of the individual the person who accepts this truth, and when forced having to involve one’s self with another who one personally clashes with, they handle the situation like the adult they are, and doesn’t do anything that would incite anger in the other… aka be civil with said person. You aren’t forced to have to like the person and be best friends, but it is the right thing to do to just get through what you have to do in the interaction, then be on your way.

If this person continues and tries to incite said anger within you, it’s a cry for attention and that person’s deserved respect is taken away and should no longer be granted. Deal with this as you will, but whatever you do, DO NOT drop to their level and lose that respect yourself by hating back. It is in my personal opinion that these people who continue to disrespect others and have nothing to say but anger inducing disgorgement should be put in a special home that specifies on preparative therapy to help fix these mental issues. There is no need for this attitude, and it taints the mental collective of the world.

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