Argument #6: Animals aren’t transgender, so it’s unnatural.

This one likes to be thrown around a lot and so I wanted to get to the bottom line and I asked my dog personally if she or any of her friends are transgender. She replied, “Woof woof, bark arf arf arf”. There we have it, end of debate!

Obviously, Fido or Whiskers neither have the mental capacity to experience what us humans call “Gender Identity”. To think that they do, and try to use this as an excuse to continuously hate a group of people born to be who they are, is a cold and heartless thing to do. Discrimination is plain and simply wrong and getting your beloved pets involved is just distracting from the truth that you are a transphobic P.O.S.! I really think that you shouldn’t be taking care of a pet in the first place if you are, or even a child for that matter, until you learn to unconditionally love things that are alive!

Oh and, “It’s unnatural” huh? So is your Starbucks double espresso frappé triple decker caramel iced latte. That car you drive to work doesn’t grow on trees either… oh and I know you tried to plant your apartment seeds last week to try to have a new place to live, but I doubt they’ll grow to anything bigger than a studio size with the quality of the soil you used, so I would save your energy… which is probably fueled by something you cooked, and that’s really something that’s a natural occurrence because I saw on Animal Planet my favorite show called “the Grilling Secrets of the Serengeti”. I hope you can see what I am getting at, or if not I might think that your dog really DOES have a bigger mental capacity than you do, no offense!

The verdict? Woof arf woof bark bark, bow wow arf arf, bark bow wow wow yippe-yo yippie-yay, bow wow yippie-yo yippie-yay. Meow.

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