Opinion: On men and all things that are girly.

What is it with guys and being ashamed about doing anything that’s considered feminine? You see it all the time with phrases like, “Don’t be a pussy”, and “Man up”. I just don’t get it. I know I probably don’t because of being transgender, but still I just don’t! I mean seriously, what’s so shameful about being a woman? Nothing, that’s what! So get the fuck over it all ready!

Really though, I think the phrase should be “Woman up” because just look at the fact that the women are the ones who have babies and purposely go through not only 9 months of carrying around this tiny body in their bellies, but also childbirth labor is certainly not a walk in the park! If you haven’t seen the YouTube video on men going through simulated child birth, give it a watch. If afterwards you still continue using those phrases above in your everyday repertoire, then I think you need to go through what these men went through to make you stop!

A real woman deserves better respect for who she is, and men need to start being gentlemen their grandfathers hopefully were, and giving them said respect! I think they also need to walk a day in women’s shoes, figuratively and maybe literally too, to see what it’s like and realize that there is no shame in it and it can be tougher than they think! Even just getting ready for the day is a job in and of itself!!! haha 😉

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