Opinion: Trans* visibility and relationships.

Here is a very VERY common situation that unfortunately adds to the list of fears people have that are AGAINST trans* individuals… There is a trans-woman who has had this secret of being who they are due to the taboo outlook society has, and she is in denial of being who she is and tries to just live a “normal” life… finding a wife, and even having kids. This denial comes around and bites her in the ass. She just wants the honesty that everyone deserves in a marriage, and she comes clean to her wife who ends up not being okay with being gay and being with a woman that overrides the love said person had for her partner. The split up isn’t all that pleasant in most cases, and it adds to the dislike against trans* folk.

Here is what I see is the solution to this happening: Inform yourself on the truths that are out there about people in these positions, and start accepting trans* people for who they are. The science proves the legitimacy of their condition, and the current medical procedures have reached a standard of proper health care to assist these people to actually fix their problems to the best of their ability, and help them live healthy lives. You see, by accepting this, the more and more people start being okay with who they are, and are honest with not only themselves, but to family and friends around them. Without the taboo nature of this birth defect hanging like a societal noose in front of them, trans* individuals can be who they are.

Problem solved. Now when the previous stories’ trans-woman meets her future wife, she is presenting as who she really is, and the future prospect can have a true idea on who this person is without it being a secret that reveals itself later down the road.

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