Argument #10: What about the children? They will be all messed up in the head with a trans* parent.

Storytime!!! Here’s a story of an event I experienced that to this day really grinds my gears…

Back during Christmas of last year, during the daytime a little gathering was held at my father and step-mother’s house. My brother, his wife, and his daughter, were all here as well, along with some others who aren’t that important to this story. At one point, and I think it was just for conversing sake, my sister-in-law brought up having a family member who was a male to female transsexual who has just a few years ago transitioned… but she said it a lot differently than I just did. I’ll try to say as best as I can remember her exact words here. “So my cousin just came out as trans last year, and HIS daughter seems to be so confused about the whole thing, HE looks just like her now, it’s just the worst thing for her to be going through!” Let’s just say I almost just walked out right there and that woulda’ been a warning light right there about who I was to all them.

Okay, right off the bat, what’s wrong about this statement is that, in reality she is lucky to still have her parent there for her alive and well! You gotta remember that the suicide rate for transgender people is 41% as compared to the average for America which is 12% (5.5% for Females, 19.2% for Males). That’s a HUGE difference of just under 4 times more than the American average! You also have to remember that this woman is still at risk of suicide if you continue¬†delegitimizing her own personal experience, and don’t accept her for who she really is. (Continue reading on into this blog to find out more about the transgender birth defect if you don’t all ready know.)

Kids are the most open minded people on this planet, remember this. They believe in fthings like magic and Santa Clause. (Did I mention this is a PG 13 blog? I didn’t? Oh, well you can tell Santa I’ve been good this year, I promise you that!) A big thing about children is that they learn from their parents… and if the parent’s are racist assholes, for example, then the child has a greater chance to be racist themselves when just a little bit older and able to realize the difference in skin colors. This is why it’s so important to put the message out there at an early age that sometimes people are born with a birth defect of having a female/male brain in a male/female body, and they are now taking medicine to fix this and align their bodies to their brains. See how easy that was? See how science proves this? What’s stopping you from this lesson of life? If you want to wait till they are taking health class, then that’s just fine! As long as it’s taught in a school setting that’s kept aside from any specific religions or transphobic people. I say this because some religions seem to have a problem with transsexuals, but medicine is medicine, and this is a proper condition that is properly fixed with modern methods. Religion is a personal thing, keep it out of other’s business! Besides, didn’t you learn from yours that you are supposed to love thy neighbor and to not judge anyone else, lest ye be judged? I must have skipped over the asterisk that read “*excluding SPECIFICALLY anyone on the LGBT spectrum” when I read that passage!!!

The verdict? The kids will be all right, they still have their parent there to be there for them, and having a trans* parent will actually make them more open minded and accepting human beings. How can this be a bad thing? It’s the stigmatizing of a group of people with a birth defect that is the real problem here, and once people can learn to get over this, then I promise you that this thought of the children being messed up by this experience will disappear right with it!

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3 Responses to Argument #10: What about the children? They will be all messed up in the head with a trans* parent.

  1. gina mazzone says:

    So many children don’t even have patents and the ones that due sadly are subject to abuse and/or neglect. The best thing a child can have in this world is a parent to show them Love and how to love… And the only way to teach that is to live it. Children ate smart, they know what adults think they hide… They see, they watch, they observe and then they follow. Teach kids love, equality and compassion and model it too! Also teach them that sometimes other people ate not educated yet and fear makes them act in a mean way, try to educate those people, but never let them hurt others. Help create an atmosphere of love, and tolerance for all.


    • gina mazzone says:

      Omg my grammar was terrible, please excuse, I was typing from my phone…and auto correct is crappy.


      • No that’s fine, I feel all the time that my grammar is just horrible because I am no writer, lol! What I write is just how I see myself saying it and me hoping that it’s proper! Thanks again for the comments too!


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