Argument #12: Transgender individuals are lying about being the gender they say they are, and it’s a sin to agree with this delusion.

I feel like I am kind of repeating myself with this one… but looked at in a different light. Yesterday I stumbled upon a blog written by someone who was Christian who made a post called A Christian response to transgender individuals… that was pretty heartbreaking to read. It was his opinion about another article called Back to School: When Mr. Reuter Becomes ‘Ms. Reuter’ that talked about a transgender teacher and the indoctrination of school children in Queer Theory.

He basically brings up that is would be wrong for the children to call this teacher ‘Ms Reuter’ because “To call a man “Ms.” is not just silly. It’s a lie.” He says that if this person wanted to be accepted and loved for stealing, it would be equally as wrong as lying and calling her a woman, and “Christians would be obligated to leaving him feeling unloved.” I am heavily quoting this blog post because of how misunderstanding it was for this person to say it’s wrong to lie, and then call her a he. It actually made this little part of my brain make this little ‘POP’ noise when I read it… and I can now SMELL the color purple.

The comment section actually made it worse, when I brought up to him all the scientific data of sexual dimorphisms, and how people with Gender Dysphoria (GD) have the brains that match their Gender Identity, and I got a very interesting response from what I only assume is to be the brother of the guy who wrote this particular blog (same last names) after explaining it at least three different times…

Dear Phoebe,

Every sin leads to a deformity of the brain. I believe God and His Word and that’s all to be said between us, I’m afraid. You reject Him and we shall see at the Great Day of Judgment whether His Word is true or not.

Tim Bayly

I just can’t even… let’s just say, my head STILL hurts, and now I can even HEAR the color purple.  I would say that it’s wrong to agree with the delusion that doing evil will eventually turn your brain into that of a woman/man. I mean, if so, jail would be a WHOLE DIFFERENT kind of place! (Although… this does explain why the singer of my band has bigger breasts than me after serving 5 months locked up… hrmmm, maybe I should look into this I guess before continuing further?) I kindly explained that sin has nothing to do here, and it was really the involvement of there being a lack of androgens in the brains development in this peculiar case.

I can’t say this got through to him seeing that he mentioned that was all to be said between us, and he has yet to reply to anything else I’ve said there. It’s probably better off this way though, because the last thing I need is to start FEELING the color purple. Don’t get me wrong in all of this, for I am not in any way trying to put down anyone who is a part of the Christian religion, or ANY religion for that matter, I respect everyone and their beliefs… just please realize that if your religion specifically teaches to love thy neighbor, then do it. It doesn’t say love thy neighbor, unless they are gay, lesbian, transgender, or have one eye that looks slightly to the left… and if the person has sinned, then it is up to said person to repent for their sins… but please keep in mind, being LGBT is NOT a sin, so stop thinking they are!

The verdict? The trans* individual has a gender identity that does not match their bodies’ gender, and this is the soul definition of GD. They have done nothing wrong being this way, and being so is in no way harmful to anyone else. Therefore, it is not a sin and they are not wrong for being who they are. They are not delusional, and evidence proves their legitimacy. You would be the one in the wrong for saying this person is not right, despite them having this personal experience explaining just how they feel. It’s about as equal as… say you were a master carpenter, and here I am saying to you that I don’t believe that you are one, and that you are a liar and sinner for trying to tell me you are. You just don’t have the tools or materials to prove your legitimacy, or you even DO have the tools, and you build something, and I just didn’t believe that you did it. That would be pretty frustrating right?

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One Response to Argument #12: Transgender individuals are lying about being the gender they say they are, and it’s a sin to agree with this delusion.

  1. gina mazzone says:

    I find it amazing that in these types of debates (usually with strong religious belivers) the gay, lesbian or transgender person offers a sign of respect despite being bombarded with cruelty. People of faith preach acceptance, but when faced with the opportunity to do have no idea how. Even when offered scientific evidence and facts, they just cannot cope with anything that is different than they are/know. It highlights a lack of education and more important, a lack of empathy and basic understanding of being a human.


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