Argument #13: The self-mutilation trans* people put themselves through = mentally ill person.

Here’s a quickie to get this off my mind. This is a big one I see all the time, about how wrong the person must be in the head for them to “self-mutilate” themselves to match their bodies to their gender identity. Here’s an actual quote from someone to show what I mean:

Beyond issues of morality, religion, and even logic, the idea that we are simply accepting that it is better to encourage someone to self-mutilate than to seek counseling to accept basic reality is taking political correctness to its illogical extreme. If I were to say that I think my hand is a snake, and I want to have it lopped off, a competent psychiatrist, psychologist or counselor would recognize this as a sign of a mental disorder. Yet someone born with a penis who thinks he’s a girl says ‘lop it off’ and society is to applaud?

Self-harm is a real problem. It’s a real mental disorder that needs real treatment to help this person overcome it. Sex Reassignment Surgery is performed by professional surgeons, and is in no way self-inflicted. Pretty much, they are two entirely different things, and yet people say this ALL THE TIME!

Also may I add, that saying “my hand is a snake” and “I am a woman” are two entirely different things, and there is at least some legitimacy when a trans-woman says she is a woman. She has the real brain that’s closer to a woman’s brain than a man’s. Thinking your hand is a snake just means you drank too much of the Kool-Aid!!!

The verdict? Learn the difference of terms you use to describe something and realize that self-mutilation and surgeries performed by a professional surgeon in a professional environment are two entirely different things! Hormone Replacement Therapy and SOMETIMES Sex Reassignment Surgery are the only real cure for Gender Dysphoria in most of the cases. This needs to be accepted and honored by those against it!

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