Argument #14: You are a man who’s attracted to a trans woman, therefore you are gay.

Oh boy… so, this is a very popular myth held by most the people you will find in this country. It is something that to me, someone fortunate enough to be in a very unique vantage point on this kind of thing, does not make any sense what-so-ever. Let me get a little personal with you for this moment my dear reader, and ask you a few questions… PG 17 time (I’ll keep this as less graphic as possible here, but to those squeamish of perversion, or have triggers of any kind, you may skip ahead to the next paragraph!).

May I ask you before we start, are you one of those guys who I mentioned above, who thinks that if you found yourself attracted to a woman who told you she was assigned male at birth, would you now think that you were gay for finding HER attractive?… Okay, now if so, question number one, how much do you love the idea of sucking on a big ol’ fat one?  Question numerous deuce, how much of the day is spent by you just daydreaming of sausages? Finally, question number three, does the idea of having another dude, such as yourself, “entering” your “personal space” do anything for you, or turn you on in any way what-so-ever? (Side note: I love how much just a few little exclamation points can change the entire meaning of a sentence from just a gentile brushing from a passer-by, to a full blown “I want him inside of me.”)

Spoiler alert, if you said “Yes!” to any one of those questions above, you just might be attracted to men, or “gay” as you probably call it (or hey, at the very least “bisexual”). Congratulations! Please, feel no shame in this, it is what it is and you should at the very least at all times in your life feel comfortable with who you are, because let me tell ya from a personal front on this one, being ashamed of one self is one of the worst things someone can go through on a daily basis! But come on now, being attracted to someone is not always something to be shameful about! I mean yeah, sometimes it sure as hell should be, but those situations are rare… for example, if you find yourself attracted to dead things specifically, I urge you to see a psychologist!

Back to what I am trying to say, so let me get all cozy again and personal with you once more and ask just a few more simple questions (I forgot to mention that if you were female in all of this, just reverse the genders mentioned… I use a trans woman as my example because that’s who I see this happening more commonly with as compared with trans men). Okay, first thing I wanna ask you is, that when you see a woman, are you attracted? Finally, does the idea of being intimate with a woman sound like a good time to you? Okay cool, so if you said yes to either of those, then you are probably heterosexual. Let’s throw some verbal algebra in here… A trans woman IS a woman, so if TRANS WOMAN = WOMAN, and a MAN who is attracted to a WOMAN is “STRAIGHT”, then a MAN who is attracted to a TRANS WOMAN is STRAIGHT. That wasn’t so hard now, was it?

I think so many people think that opposites attract… but like, are humans magnets? I always thought instead that BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER. More specifically what I am getting at is that we’re all just HUMANS. Women and men are both just two sides of the same coin. So, you may call them opposites cause they are facing away from each other, but they share the same body. I’ve talked before on how hormones are a million times more powerful than chromosomes (outside of the womb, of course), and that someone on a HRT regimen is more alike to the gender they transitioned to than the one they were assigned at birth. The only thing that makes a difference is, how long ago that person started HRT, or how long in age that they’ve had the poisoning of the other hormones before choosing to fix this problem. Add the fact that they were possibly born with the brain of the gender specified, and you have someone who is really of that gender.

The verdict? There are many movies and TV shows where the butt of the joke is an innocent trans woman who is the attractive woman she is until you find out the BIG SECRET that she’s really a man! News flash, she’s really a woman that was born with a birth defect of having a mis-gendered body. That attraction you originally had shouldn’t be any different, and it only is because you make it out to be that way. ANY woman can, and do have “manly” features that you don’t notice until someone jokes around with you and calls her a man, and THEN you start paying attention to them. Start accepting trans people for who they are and when it’s not taboo anymore the less likely you are to fall into any “traps” because people are honest from the get-go. I am solely attracted to women the same as you are, but trans women even more specifically, because not only is she a woman, but she usually has to be a brave, bold, and fearless woman to have transitioned against the status quo of society telling her over and over that it’s wrong.

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