Argument #15: You aren’t biologically a woman/man, because you were born a man/woman

I cover this in more detail here: What is biological sex?

Bio-who-whatsit-gical? You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Biology; [bahy-oluh-jee]
1. the science of life or living matter in all its forms and phenomena, especially with reference to origin, growth, reproduction, structure, and behavior.

2. the living organisms of a region.

3. the biological phenomena characteristic of an organism or a group of organisms.

This word is used every time someone tries to start any kind of counterpoints as to why someone like me, a trans woman, is not a *REAL* woman. “You are biologically a man” they say… “you were born a boy“. No, I’m not, and I wasn’t… sorry. I’m a woman who has had 17 or so years of testosterone poisoning.

Let me see if I can rephrase this any better, shine a different light on this and see if I can help you see it how I see it. First, make sure you read the first link in the “Science!” section of this blog (LINK for the lazy). So, according to recent studies, I was born with the physical brain that’s in closer resemblance to a woman’s brain, than it is to a man’s. As in, I was biologically born with a female mind, a.k.a, I was biologically born female. I have XY chromosomes, sure… but as I’ve mentioned before in Argument #2 doesn’t really mean anything to me AFTER being born. There ARE women out there with Y chromosomes, as well as men with XX, they are just instructions for my body to follow when developing. I was born 30 years ago, so they don’t mean anything to me at this point in my life, and I bet you $20 that you don’t even know what your chromosomes REALLY are. You have a good guess, sure… but have you gotten the tests done to know for sure? I doubt it.

My brain makes me who I am. You can argue that my body as well makes me who I am, but look, if you chop off my arm, I am still me, and if now you cut a piece of my brain away, then I am now in a vegetative state, I am no longer the same person. My brain is where the identification of who I am takes place. I was born BIOLOGICALLY with a female brain, and therefore identify with being a woman. I was born with an intersex condition of having biologically male genitals, sure… but they don’t make me who I am. Take them away and I am the same person. This is why it is proper to say I was “assigned male at birth”.

The verdict? I suggest you look closer at the definition of a word before you misuse it. We are human it happens all the time, just learn to correct yourself that’s all. English is missing so many words to describe things, so it’s challenging sometimes to define things to someone else the right way. For me, I was biologically born female with an intersex condition that made it so I was assigned male. If you think that without having a WOMB, I am no WOMBman, then talk to the women who’ve had hysterectomies and tell them the same thing. I’ll let you know now, that’s probably a bad idea… but it’s a free country, right?

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19 Responses to Argument #15: You aren’t biologically a woman/man, because you were born a man/woman

  1. Sally says:

    Brains don’t have genders so its impossible for you to have a ‘female’ brain.


    • Actually, yes there is a difference between the brain of a man and the brain of a woman… so therefore there is such thing as a “female” brain, one belonging to that of a woman, and a “male” brain, belong to a man. No my brain doesn’t have a vagina, but it fires the same number of neurons that a woman’s does, and it’s a smaller number as compared to the average male. Just look up “Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis”.


      • uterusesb4duderuses says:

        So you think that most people don’t know their true chromosomes, but you for sure had your brain tested for neurons? lol. Smells like bullshit there.


      • Unlike with chromosomes, there are ways to tell the gender of the brain without needing to get things like an MRI done… so here I don’t need to get tests like that to show that I have proof. One fact, being that my 2d and 4d ratio on my hands are in female proportions, and it is proven that androgens shorten the 2d finger, so in my case there is a good chance that the same lack of androgens prenatally prevented my brain from growing from female (default) to male. Another fact is that the hormones have changed my life completely for the better, and if I were to have a male brain, then the Gender Dysphoria would have worsened instead of starting to disappear, like what is happening. I’ve had GD since I was 4, and I finally feel comfortable in my own skin.

        Nice try though in trying make me look like a big dummy on my own blog dedicated to putting a-holes like you in your place. So if you think you smell some bullshit, that’s coming from you, because you can’t smell me though a computer screen, idiot.


      • gg says:

        Re: your “female brain” — have you gotten the tests done to know for sure? I doubt it.


      • Yes, I have passed certain tests that shows my brain is most likely female. Chromosomes and the brain are two different things, and I don’t need to get an MRI done to prove my brain is how it is. My fingers prove that I had a lack of androgens when developing in the womb, and I’ve had Gender Dysphoria since I was 4 that the hormones have actually started fixing, and not making worse, which is really the true test.


      • gg says:

        Are you aware that the finger ratio studies originally purported to show differences between straight people and gays and lesbians? Are you saying that gays and lesbians are really trans?


      • No, I believe you are saying that. Are you saying you finally believe these studies? It kind of makes sense to me though that if these studies actually do show similarities, then gays and lesbians aren’t trans, but that being gay or lesbian has something to do with being exposed to too much/little androgens prenatally. Keep in mind too it’s all averages. I am not calling every man with 2d/4d ratios of 1 trans, that’s just someone out side of the average. Nor am I saying it’s a sure fire way to say someone’s trans, and isn’t something to base starting HRT on. I feel as if I need to clarify for any future trolling statement you try to throw at me (that I won’t answer by the way, so don’t waste your breath).


    • gg says:

      Also, LOL at the idea that the real difference between males and females lies in finger ratios and brain scans — not wombs, penises, chromosomes, fallopian tubes, and every other marker of sexual dimorphism. By the way, did you know that the differences in finger ratios are greater between ethnic groups than between males and females? Maybe I could take out a ruler and determine that I’m really Dutch! SCIENCE!!!


      • Congrats on looking like a complete idiot as well in your attempt to make me look like a fool (on my own blog), my little Dutch scientist. You took what I said completely out of context. I find this, as well as your tone, to be rude… and I don’t deal with trolls, sorry.

        Read more of my blog and you may learn about something called “transphobia”. This is what it’s called when you come in here with your selective hearing and try to twist my words in a hateful way, just because you can’t accept what medical science has been proving to exist.

        There are hundreds of thousands of trans folk with their personal experience that proves that we aren’t all liars just making it up for attention. Now there’s proof that we were born with brains that tell us we really are the gender we think we are.

        If you actually read my article you commented on, you would see that my mind makes me who I am more than all the things you said on your list. That’s what Gender Dysphoria IS. It’s the mismatch between brain and body. Yes, my brain’s gender makes the real difference between if I identified as male or female.

        Go read a book, and stop harassing trans folk on the interwebs. You’re either 12, or secretly transgender yourself! (That’s a real thing by the way, a lot of people who put us down can’t accept that they are trans themselves. Why else would you be here at a site that mostly trans people read? It’s okay, just love yourself!)


  2. crazycatlady says:

    So your finger length is a better indicator of sex than your penis, right? Should we then determine a baby’s sex by digit ratios? When you say tests, what other tests did you have than measuring your fingers?


    • You’re twisting my words around and trying to troll me with them. Finger length is NOT an indicator of sex, it’s an indicator of an amount of ANDROGENS, prenatally. (I made some capitalized points there for your notes.)

      Listen, don’t be mad at me cause I called you out on your chromosomes… I don’t need to explain myself to someone who throws sarcastic questions at me. If you would like the answer to your question, I’ve answered it all ready on another part of this site. Feel free to read a bit, you’ll find it!



      • crazycatlady says:

        Sorry, it’s just hard to not laugh when you make ridiculous claims, even if you’re backpedaling now. I’m not mad, and I sure missed you calling my out on my chromosomes, as you claim – you don’t know anything about my chromosomes, how could you? So you can’t call me out on them. I guess my curiosity isn’t enough to keep wading through this site to see if you really have an answer, but you’re right, I shouldn’t be commenting on your turf . . . I won’t be back, but good luck with what you’re trying to do. Peace.


      • I was assuming you had read the article that you would happen to be posting on… wow. How the hell can you do something like that, I mean, it would drive me nuts if I knew I was spitting idiocy on random blogs of other people without even reading the damn article I was posting on. If your “CURIOSITY” has any worth to it, it would have AT LEAST read the God damned article that it was “PERUSING”!!!

        I will reiterate for you… because you are so interested in the tests I’VE passed, show me the results of your chromosome test, and I’ll show you the tests of my brain being feminized.

        BTW, you can’t try to call someone out on backpedaling when they are trying to repeat what they say in layman’s term for you.

        Everything I talk about on this blog has authentic scientific research to back it up. Sorry. Just because you don’t believe in it, doesn’t make it not true. I hope you do have this blog bookmarked or at least followed so that you may learn something… and stop harassing someone trying to live their life as who they really are, because you are ignorant to what they’re trying to tell you. You’re in here saying I’m making “ridiculous” claims that are laughable at. That I’m “backpedaling”, with no counterpoints to what it is exactly that is doing the “pedaling” here (because there are none, I was reiterating).

        You want peace? Then let down your guard, and learn more about this stuff. That’s all I am asking here. Look up above, that link “Science!” will take you to a link that I post links to backup anything I say here.


  3. Adrian says:

    At some point before getting a test, you must have thought, okay, maybe I have a female brain and should get it checked. What are the warning signs? How do you know? There must be some first thing you notice?


    • For me I am what they call a “textbook transsexual”, I’ve had Gender Dysphoria since my first memories… like I remember my first day of kindergarten and the only thing I remember is that all the girls had to go to the left, and boys to the right, and everyone laughed at me cause naturally, I went to the left!

      That is the biggest thing in all of this I mean, sometimes people don’t know till their older, but for me it’s always been there being this big depressing thing that I can’t get over, and when I just try to be myself and I end up being feminine, I get real embarrassed and pushed that part of me away into the depths, so that I wouldn’t be made fun of anymore for not being Mr. Man. Even middle school was so confusing for me, cause I have an attraction to girls, but they are also role models to me… so I’m sitting there like, so do I want them, or do I want to be like them? (Which, the real answer to that is “Why not both?” haha)

      It’s challenging to explain it really… It’s like, for you if someone were to ask you if they were to give you a million dollars but had to change your gender, would you? How about if someone called you by the other pronouns, how do you feel? THAT. That voice right there in your head, that says “No I am a guy”, or “No, I am female”, for me that voice says “Yep, I’m a woman” naturally. You can give a man HRT, and surgeries up the yin-yang, but when it’s all said and done you have actually CREATED Gender Dysphoria in that person. He’s not gunna be doing his make-up, or identifying as a woman personally, and he’ll probably be majorly depressed, and socially anxious, etc.

      It’s said that the true test in all of this is that first step taking Hormone Replacement Therapy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not NEEDED for someone to justify how they identify, just look at Lauren Hennessy ( BUT for me, that first month it had felt like the difference between night and day. It’s thought that like fuel for a car, the right hormones are needed for the brain to run properly, and that’s how it felt for me.

      That’s why I don’t need an MRI to tell me, I know myself and I know my body enough to say yes, I have a brain that is closer the size of a woman’s than a man’s. The MRI would just prove something that I know is true. The 2d to 4d ratio of my fingers is 1, which is a sign that prenatally I had a lack of androgens (testosterone) which is the lead cause of this happening. So, I have the average ratio that women have, as well as the average trans woman… so it’s the icing on the cake, for sure!

      Thank you for such a great question! If you have any others, please, ask away!


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  6. Allan Gomes says:

    Why is it so hard for some cisgender people to respect the identity of transgender men and women? Why do people have the need to impose their “scientific”/”religious” theories and beliefs on other people?


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