Opinion: The weatherman will always only be 50% correct.

I gotta have one post that is something that drives me nuts when someone complains about how the ‘weather guy‘ is always ‘wrong‘. They have the best equipment working for them, trying to predict how things may go, to make sense of things with a weather system that is going through the starting of global warming… it’s like playing darts with a blindfold on, you’d be close if faced in the right direction, but if you can’t throw for shit you shouldn’t be playing professionally. Don’t give them shit if they weren’t always spot on. It did snow didn’t it? Wasn’t a blizzard sure, but just wait till next week! You ain’t pissed when they always calls it for being sunny, are ya? Now if they called it for being sunny all week, but you didn’t get the broadcast because the 10 feet of snow that took out the power cables in your neighborhood, you have a weatherman I would talk smack about.

Now um… how to make this trans related, I guess this blog is *themed* ain’t it? I guess you could say that doctors were only a percent chance to be “correct” (boy or girl), when you won’t really know till about age 4 or 5 (even sometimes later!), just a prediction till that time based on genitals. There is that rare instance though, where the Gender Identity is not matching, but the doc don’t get that much back-talk as compared to the weather-person. Only maybe in my case, where he thought I was a girl till the 8th month of my mother’s pregnancy (true story)… the joke’s on her, cause he was right after-all!

What I am trying to say there then is there is a need for people… dad’s, mom’s, brother’s, sister’s, aunt’s, uncle’s, nephew, nieces, grand-this’s, grand-that’s, friend’s, friend’s of friend’s, best friend’s, best best friend’s, ultra best friend’s, bestie’s, BFF’s, acquaintances, boyfriend’s, girlfriend’s, lover’s, hater’s, co-worker’s, neighbor’s, stranger’s, to be ACCEPTING of this person they know, if at some point they come to realize that things weren’t matching up for them between their body and mind. This shows that it’s not WRONG, because it is NOT! If you can’t get over it, there is something inside of yourself that is blocking you from accepting this truth. If this person is being true to you, and sharing with you their own personal life experiences about who they are, and if you tell them this is bad or sinful, then you run a risk of regression within this person, or even the complete opposite, and you run risk of a lashing out with a wild-card of outcomes!!!

Imagine, you telling someone that you feel like you are the gender you know you are, and they call you a liar, say they don’t believe you, and choose to force the opposite one on you against your will. Not gunna sugar-coat it for ya here, that would be a PRETTY FUCKING SHITTY REALITY here (pardon my German), right??? I’ll be honest, people who think this is not true don’t like hanging out with me, because I constantly mis-gender them the entire time, and funny too, cause they can’t stand that!

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