What is biological sex?

Sometimes people like to throw around that, being a trans woman myself, I have XY chromosomes therefore am a man, it’s biology and you can’t deny it! So, I would like to finally shed some light on this topic, and hopefully as well shed off some misinformation that’s commonly thrown around the interwebs.

I lightly cover this in [Argument #15], I suggest you check that one out… with a dictionary definition and everything!

“Biological Sex” is something that covers a much broader range of features then just chromosomes alone. To just use a part of a whole to try to define another human being, is equivalent to calling the kettle red because when it was being made and in molten iron stage it was glowing red. Sorry, the kettle is black.

Let me give a broader definition as to what is actually covered when someone tries to call you out on your biology…

  • Chromosomes: The “blueprints” for the fetus to follow when developing pre-nataly in the womb. Everyone starts with one X chromosome from the mother(who is ‘usually’ XX) and either a X or Y from the sperm of the father(who is XY). AFTER birth they only matter in reproduction via sperm and egg. Other that that, in most cases they don’t have any other affects on the body unless that sometimes happens where there can be birth defects leading to many combinations of X’s, and more X’s… some women being XY, and some men XX. Biology isn’t perfect after all! More on this covered in [Argument #2]
  • Physical Dimorphisms: genitals, breasts, brains, womb, soft/rough skin, muscle size, body smells, body hair growth
  • Hormones: Women primarily run on Estrogen, and Men primarily run on Testosterone, both sex’s have at least some of each… too much of the other will masulinize/feminize a person(which can actually CAUSE Gender Dysphoria(GD) in extreme cases). Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT) done on a person WILL change most of their body to that of the gender that particular hormone represents… the only things that aren’t is where surgeries come into play, but only in the cases where the GD pushes them to need it to live a mentally healthy life.

This brings up the biggest thing overlooked by anyone who doesn’t really know about someone who is transsexual… HRT does do A LOT to completely change a person’s body to that biological sex. You end up with someone who is mostly of that gender. This I can tell you with certainty, experiencing it myself. Biologically speaking with now having most the physical dimorphisms, and running on the same hormones, plus a brain wired to respond the same as cisgender counterparts of their mental gender affiliation… also depending on socialization, you have someone of that gender.

Now… when someone brings up the whole “Planet Fitness is going to have issues with men abusing the ‘Judgement Free’ policy”, like people liked to do in these comments, and if you think trans women are men, and belong in men’s bathrooms… you can’t see that these rules were only put into place to PROTECT US, trans people, from sexual harassment and abuse. Laws and rules won’t keep anyone from doing whatever they please in the first place, when they choose to do criminal acts like this. Trans people aren’t INHERENTLY rapists, child abusers, or perverted freaks, and just want to use the bathroom/locker room in peace feeling just as safe as any other person of the same gender. To vote AGAINST these bills is to go BACKWARDS in our governmental evolution. We’re as human as the next person, and deserve EQUAL CIVIL RIGHTS as everyone else, and to take our rights away and force us to face possibilities of actual sexual assault, harassment, or even rape, is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

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8 Responses to What is biological sex?

  1. Yes, biological sex is a lot more advanced than chromosomes. I’m sure anyone with basic high school biology knows that.

    I actually think by saying “HRT does do A LOT to completely change a person’s body to that biological sex” you are probably ignoring the people in which HRT has little or no effect.

    I can completely understand why a ciswoman may be concerned with a 6ft 2 transwoman who looks very male coming into their bathrooms. I very much think the incorrect approach is ridiculing these people — instead showing them hard facts, letting them know what these people go through and etc is the proper way.


    • Yeah, you are right on that. Showing the harassment that is faced when someone was just trying to pee, or change into work clothes. That we’re real people, with real dead end jobs, and real bills and rent.

      I only have to include chromosomes because there are still many MANY people out there that CLING to this as the sole definition of a person’s sex.


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  5. Tom Sacu says:

    If you want to be treated like any other person then stop lying. Trans people are rapists and abusers just like anyone else can be. To state that you can’t be a rapist and/or abuser because you are Trans is the most stupid argument I’ve ever heard.


    • Well, I never said directly a rapist couldn’t also happen to be trans, but I guess to clarify I am saying trans people aren’t INHERENTLY rapists and abusers; because one’s a crime, the others a gender. I should add that word to the article it is kind of important, thank you.


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