What is the fuss about bathrooms?

tl:dr Law in North Carolina says “cisgender women’s rights” are being violated at an infinitesimal rate, to be safe, “TRANSGENDER Civil rights” need to be taken away.

With bills like HB2 in North Carolina coming to fruition, stomping on the civil rights of transgender people across the state, and the presidential administration now coming forth and calling it out, I have been seeing the same negative comments over and over again on every single news article I can find. If these really are the concerns of the general populous, (and not an effect of the internet being the only place people can go to anonymously bully minorities) I would like to clarify most misconceptions today, and help ease all this tension, if not help give a new perspective through the eyes of a trans person.

  • Argument 1: Sexual predators will pretend to be transgender to get access to women’s spaces.

Then why isn’t HB2 trans-inclusive? Make it illegal to pose as transgender for nefarious purposes. Problem solved. Can we get to other, bigger issues yet?

Bonus points, it also puts a stop to these ‘activists’ trying to demonstrate this exact thing like the guy here in Seattle people love to talk about… who was promptly kicked out, but should have been arrested. Oh, watching that YouTube guy get arrested would make my day too. You can watch him in action getting asked to leave, and causing a stir purposefully! Which leads me into…

  • Argument 2: You won’t know who is or isn’t actually transgender. I can say I am that identity that particular day and just walk on in to whatever bathroom I choose!

I can personally prove without a reasonable doubt that I am transgender. I have therapists, and doctors, and family, and even the marker on my license is F, just not my birth certificate.

If it’s because you think trans women are ‘men in dresses’, consider that there are cisgender women who also don’t ‘pass’ the bill as ‘real’ women. Fun fact, look up ovarian cyst if you want a common problem women have with overproduction in testosterone.

Besides, can a cisgender woman walk into a bathroom and choose to get a peek at other women and harass them? No, that woman is invading privacy and the cops need to be called. Unpreventable crimes are just that, and forcing trans people who, keep in mind, are also prey here to sexual predators, into the wrong bathrooms where they face the statistically factual reality of being harassed, verbally or physically, and even in one case sexually assaulted.

There have been no incidences of trans people committing crimes. To sum up both these first arguments, fear stories like women being exposed to predators in dresses are just stories with zero basis in reality. When in fact, trans people are already facing exposure to bullying and need governmental protection to put a stop to it. HB2 is victim blaming at it’s finest.

  • Argument 3: But trans women are men, and trans men are women. It’s biological reality.

Studies that show that trans people have gender determining brain structures of their affirmed gender. If THIS is what you have an issue with, then when talking about bathroom bills you are in the wrong place for said argument. This is about transgender civil rights, not if you believe we are real or not. Educate yourself on Gender Dysphoria first (this particular blog is a great place to start!), and then let’s have civil discourse on the subject. Call us names, mock us, write us off as mentally ill all you want, that is called transphobia. I also suggest looking that up, too… Lycos, go get it!

Keep in mind the instant you see attacks on trans identities, you know these people are hiding their transphobia and bigotry behind supposed ‘women’s rights’. If trans women were accepted as women to them, they wouldn’t use women’s rights to best trans women’s rights.

  • Argument 4: You put my child in risk of danger!

That’s bad parenting letting a little child go into public restrooms alone… and besides, you put my trans child in danger having to go into the wrong bathroom.

You also probably didn’t notice that the Trans Suicide Hotline had double the call volume after HB2 passed, suggesting you are actually now putting the lives of trans people, the sons and daughters of American citizens, in danger. Is the fear of something happening to your children really worse than the actuality of your neighbor’s child attempting to kill themselves?!

  • Argument 5: If they don’t like it, let them pee at home. I am uncomfortable using the bathroom with a trans person.

So we have to damage our kidneys
because you’re uncomfortable?! Do you not realize the working class of trans people who have to be in a public place for 8+ hours a day?!? If this is your attitude then do onto others; if you don’t like the idea of the possibility of peeing next to trans people then pee at home.

If you truly are uncomfortable you could always promptly exit and wait a few minutes for them to leave… a minor inconvenience.

  • Argument 6: What about trans people exposing themselves in locker rooms?

This is one I will admit is a current issue which needs to be addressed legally… and though I know most trans people I know are very modest to such things, and are in and out, using private stalls, this won’t be the case all of the time. A lot of trans people may disagree with me on this, but in my opinion there should be added law saying pre-op trans people should maintain decency knowing full well there are those in the world who may be triggered by genitals of the opposite gender. The price to pay for being born with the birth defect of Gender Dysphoria, I know, but trying to fulfill everyone’s needs here.

  • Argument 7: Why not make gender neutral, or single stall restrooms?

The cost and time needed to do such a thing is a logistical nightmare. Why should we have to go through with this when there haven’t been any problems with letting trans people do what they’ve been doing all this time? If this is your plan I am for it, opposed to HB2 that is… but we could save the taxpayers millions of dollars, and support transgender civil rights by saying let’s not, and using that money for education. Just an idea.

In my opinion, though, this should be mandatory in all PUBLIC facilities – at least one private single stall restroom. This would also kill two birds with one stone, because this attends to a whole spectrum of people who could use such a space (like those with PTSD from rape, or special needs individuals). This is something completely possible, even creating some jobs too if you think about it… it will still cost, but make the owner pay for it OR, if they can’t, or don’t want to install an all new bathroom they must allow trans people to be allowed access to facilities matching their identity.

I also feel that PRIVATE owners are entitled to their own rights and it is at their discretion to allow whoever they want, wherever they want! Just let us know ahead of time, like, fly a giant anti-trans flag… or should a law be enforced so that trans people must wear this little pink pin and your Walmart bathroom greeters will direct you to the proper loo? ‘No sir, that’s the cisgender water fountains, the transgender ones are on the left!’ Why does all of this sound so familiar!?

  • Argument 8: What about when this is enforced in schools, young adolescent boys will be pretending to be trans to get peeks at girls! And girls will be forced to shower with boys!

This is last on my list for it is a culmination of all the previous ones (extra bonus points if you can point them all out!), just worded in a way to sound so much different, and macabre of a situation than it appears… to entice the reader to further fear situations that ‘could’ happen, yet haven’t. So let me calm those fears with logic and reasoning of the situation at hand here.

First, parents will have to register their child as the gender they identify, therefore therapists should have already been in play here to say this child is indeed transgender. So, it’s gonna be pretty tough to try and pretend.

Second, with a study showing trans kids show consistent gender identity with cisgender controls, as a child is allowed to adhere and learn our culture’s gender stereotypes for the gender they identify as, you can’t call trans girls ‘boys’ and trans boys ‘girls’. Again, though still pre-op, and at this point at least only on hormone blockers, there needs to be modesty on the trans person’s part with offering private showers and stalls for everyone, let alone JUST one gender or the other… jeez, it’s not the 50’s any more, I’m sure EVERYONE would enjoy their privacy when forced to shower in locker rooms.

  • the Verdict? I kinda formulated this like my other blog posts that all end with one of these, so why not.

What was once only just a molehill if anything, is now this mountain of biased fears of transgender identities, masked behind ‘CISGENDER women’s rights’. Also, notice that no one speaks of intersex or those with ambiguous genitals, or trans men, or even genderqueer for that matter. Juuuust pointing that out too. People just need to stop fussing and let us pee.

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2 Responses to What is the fuss about bathrooms?

  1. Dolores Askew says:

    When did this transgender bathroom issue become a problem? Am I minimizing its importance? \


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