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What is biological sex?

Sometimes people like to throw around that, being a trans woman myself, I have XY chromosomes therefore am a man, it’s biology and you can’t deny it! So, I would like to finally shed some light on this topic, and … Continue reading

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Argument #12: Transgender individuals are lying about being the gender they say they are, and it’s a sin to agree with this delusion.

I feel like I am kind of repeating myself with this one… but looked at in a different light. Yesterday I stumbled upon a blog written by someone who was Christian who made a post called “A Christian response to … Continue reading

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Argument #9: Statements that are not so good to bring up to trans* individuals!

This post may be a little different than my other arguments but I wanted to make a quick one to hopefully offer to you, the reader, some insight into three statements that are commonly said about someone who is either … Continue reading

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Argument #7: You’re just a man/woman in drag who only likes to get off wearing womens/mens clothing.

I just wanna start this one off by saying that this is just a poor excuse to try to belittle someone. Really. To the person who tries to tell me this can I ask you something… do you even know … Continue reading

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Argument #4: Having “Gender Dysphoria” is equivalent to having “Species Dysphoria”.

Here is an argument that I actually hear more often then you would think… and this is one where I will actually give you a quote from someone I encountered from user “SpeechRacer” on YouTube: I think the trans person … Continue reading

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Argument #1: He/she’s not a woman/man because penis = man, and vagina = woman.

One of the most archaic of mindsets when it comes to defining trans* folk… and usually one of the first things someone chooses to attack when trying to delegitimise their personal experience, this is what is believed by most people … Continue reading

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