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What is biological sex?

Sometimes people like to throw around that, being a trans woman myself, I have XY chromosomes therefore am a man, it’s biology and you can’t deny it! So, I would like to finally shed some light on this topic, and … Continue reading

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Opinion: The weatherman will always only be 50% correct.

I gotta have one post that is something that drives me nuts when someone complains about how the ‘weather guy‘ is always ‘wrong‘. They have the best equipment working for them, trying to predict how things may go, to make … Continue reading

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Argument #15: You aren’t biologically a woman/man, because you were born a man/woman

I cover this in more detail here: What is biological sex? Bio-who-whatsit-gical? You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. Biology; [bahy-ol–uh-jee] noun 1. the science of life or living matter in … Continue reading

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Argument #2: His/her chromosomes are XY/XX so he/she is not a woman/man.

Just as common as argument #1, this is another popular one said by transphobic people to try to delegitimise an individual’s transgender experience and before I continue, I just want to let you know that your chromosomes are showing… you … Continue reading

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Argument #1: He/she’s not a woman/man because penis = man, and vagina = woman.

One of the most archaic of mindsets when it comes to defining trans* folk… and usually one of the first things someone chooses to attack when trying to delegitimise their personal experience, this is what is believed by most people … Continue reading

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